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Through the different types of outsourcing, you can easily identify which kind will most likely give you the maximum value for your operations. Find out which outsourcing type you should engage with in our latest infographic.


Professional Outsourcing 

This outsourcing business model means hiring third-party services for professional positions such as accountants, legal, purchasing, IT support and the likes. 

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is done for software development, as well as for maintenance and support  of businesses’ technological facets. This can be done either through partial or complete takeover of the IT matters by the outsourcing partner.

Manufacturing outsourcing 

If you have physical products you need to mass produce at a lower cost, manufacturing outsourcing is for you. Contract your production needs to a manufacturing company to achieve both the quality-standard and the quantity you need.

Project outsourcing

Another type of outsourcing service is project outsourcing. 

This type of engagement is ideal for those who want to hire temporary help at a given time for a particular project. If you don’t need full-time help, this one's for you.

Process outsourcing

Among the types of outsourcing services, process-specific outsourcing is an important one. This means contracting a very specific task or internal procedure  to ensure the continuity in your system. Process outsourcing discusses the nitty-gritty jobs and niched process that allows you to focus on what you do best.

The different types of outsourcing today helps your business achieve maximum in-house efficiency for your operations, and a real cost-effective solution for your bottomline.


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