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With the help of our globally-competitive talents, D&V Philippines provides high-end support to accounting firms and other professional services firms.


Our finance and accounting (F&A) talents can act as your back-office support and add value to your:

  • General accounting and bookkeeping
  • Management accounting
  • Payroll preparation and processing
  • Compliance preparation
  • Financial forecasting and modelling
  • Business performance reporting

We can build a team dedicated to your accounting firm having a total and complete operational control. If in a later stage it grows very fast and you want to go captive no exit fees apply, all needed is enough notice. This includes management by the CEO, one of our account managers, human resources, and quality assurance. Within the D&V environment we can create a culture of operational excellence and, as we are in Manila, you will have access to the top talent of the country. If we work closely together we can create a top back-end practice for your firm.


How to Make It Work

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