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D&V Philippines offers transfer pricing support to accounting firms and corporations who are looking for solutions to simplify their intra-company transactions.

What is Transfer Pricing?

Transfer pricing is an effective process in ensuring that intra-company transactions comply with government regulations and minimize the risks of penalties. The practice is defined as the pricing of cross-border, intra-firm transactions between associated enterprises or parties belonging to the same parent organization. This allows for a buyer-seller relationship to exist between these parties and streamline the tax obligations.


Why do I need Transfer Pricing?

More and more companies are now growing beyond their borders. This has led to increasing complexities with the compliance requirements to different government regulations in different jurisdictions. Transfer pricing documentation allows you to streamline your inter-company transactions to document transfer pricing policies and practices and to meet substantiation requirements.


How can D&V Philippines Help?

D&V Philippines assists organizations in reviewing their related party transactions and existing intercompany pricing policies for compliance with the arm’s length principle under local tax laws and regulations. Our transfer pricing solutions include:

  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing (TP) Reports (based on Local TP Laws and OECD Guidelines)
  • Intercompany Transaction Comparability Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Transfer Pricing Localization
  • Transfer Pricing Review
  • Industry Analysis
  • Functions, Assets, and Risk Analysis of Business and Operations
  • Transfer Pricing Query Management


Through our transfer pricing solutions, you can create a transfer pricing system that helps you streamline and simplify the transactions and prices within your company, based on your business needs.

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