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We would like to share with you a book summary of “The Future of the Professions” by Richard and Daniel Susskind, which predicts how our current professionals will be inevitably replaced by machines, systems, and people taking on new roles. The book illustrates how technology can transform the way we produce and distribute knowledge in the society, making professional expertise more accessible and economical to people, no matter where in the world they may be.

This book summary highlights:

  • Ways on how professional work is being reconfigured
  • The transformative labour models that change the way professional work is being delivered to recipients
  • The major developments of machines and systems and how they will replace the work of human professionals
  • The future job roles anticipated to become in demand in the coming years
Learn more about this fundamental change that is taking place in our society and how you can embrace these progressive developments to your own advantage. Download our eBook now!

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