Jumpstart your accounting career and work with talented Filipino accounting professionals in a challenging environment. At D&V, you will interact with other members of a global network of finance and accounting professionals every day, which will sharpen your analytical, technical, and leadership skills. 

For many of our accountants, working at D&V Philippines has been a life-changing opportunity. By being a part of a world-class company, you gain access to real-world training that will give you an edge against the competition.

Some of our former employees have moved on to bigger roles in companies in Ireland, Australia, and the Netherlands, among others. D&V has been a stepping stone for their career. Here are some of our former employees and their stories.



Nina joined D&V Philippines in June 2014. In April 2017, Nina was offered a role in Sydney by one of our clients. As a Xero Specialist, she handles record-keeping for several franchise offices of Australia's largest real estate group.

As an Associate Director at D&V, Nina’s work had not been without challenges. First, she found the need for continuous learning a welcome challenge. She tells us, “I always have to improve and it is never ending.”

Nina describes a day at D&V as happy, exciting, and sometimes exacting. She tells us, “D&V creates an environment that turns challenges into enjoyable experiences.”

“Apart from the training and knowledge that I acquired from D&V and my client, the support I received from everyone in the office plays a very important role, too, to prepare me for the next phase,” she shares. For Nina, her supportive family at D&V has given her the confidence to face the next stage of her career.



Malou joined D&V Philippines in March 2012. In October 2015, she left to join Ernst & Young Dublin as an audit manager.

There was never a boring day for Malou at D&V. “Every day was a challenging and productive one,” she shares. As a Director, she found it challenging to have difficult and demanding clients. Meanwhile, managing a “great team with great minds,” gaining friends, meeting her client in the Netherlands, and meeting Stefan (our CEO) are what she considers to be her best experiences here.

Overall, Malou is grateful for the training she has received from D&V, where she learned how to manage a large team, manage expectations, and maintain good client relationships. In addition, having clients from different cultures have helped her prepare for her current role.

“It made me comfortable already to deal with people [of other] cultures. It's easy for me to fit in and excel in my job even I'm surrounded by people from other countries,” she explains.



Mark joined the company in June 2015 and left in September 2017. At present, he is an Accounting Manager in the Netherlands. He works on business-related controls and business process improvements. He also manages the day-to-day accounting procedures for the company, including processes handled by D&V Philippines.

Being a part of D&V has helped Mark grow as a professional. As a Senior Associate at D&V, Mark acquired the technical skills that he needed for his current position. He explains that to execute his tasks, he needs to be independent, a personality trait that his former supervisor at D&V taught him.

For Mark, a day at D&V “feels like a feast day.” On a busy day, his team keeps the mood light by throwing jokes around, having Zumba classes, and celebrating events such as birthdays and anniversaries. They do these without compromising the quality of their deliverables.



Adel joined D&V Philippines in February 2018. In October of the same year, she transitioned to a bigger role in a Big Four firm based in the UK. As a member of the Audit and Assurance group, she handles financial audit engagements and conducts field work as part of the audit processes.

Adel considers her experience at D&V to be rewarding. Here, she met many individuals who put a premium on the morale of their colleagues, especially the management team. Although she found some of her clients’ tasks to be challenging, her colleagues were ready to offer help when needed as she learned the ropes.

According to Adel, her role at D&V has been both challenging and fun, as she was able to explore the "other side of the fence." Having previously worked on financial audits, her job at D&V has given her a clearer picture of how the accounting process works. This experience helps her give more valuable insights to her clients, particularly on how can they improve on specific financial processes and controls.

Working at D&V Philippines has been a rewarding journey for many Filipino accounting professionals. Whether you are a young or a seasoned accountant, you will be given every opportunity to advance your career and upgrade your skills.