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The previous year intensified the innovations in the fintech landscape, leading us to more digitally-inclined transactions. Discover what fintech trends are expected to skyrocket this 2021.


1. Digital Banking & Autonomous Finance

Traditional banking has long been taken over by digital banking as the latter poses a simpler and more convenient way of managing finances.

Autonomous finance (such as self-serving checkouts) is also projected to get traction, especially now that strict measures are still imposed.

2. Regtech

A combination of the terms regulatory and technology, Regtech is practiced by companies to align their operations to existing laws and regulations, and making sure they avoid any kind of breaches or face any risk in the long run.

Both fintech and regtech are working together to mitigate any potential risk and create a safer financial industry for businesses and firms.

3. Biometric Security

One downside of mobile and digital banking is the threat of cybercrime.

However, fintech is making strides in protecting the financial data of their stakeholders and clients. We will further see biometrics systems in the progression of 2021 as contactless payments are pushed in today’s environment.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the top fintech trends is the adoption of AI and machine learning solutions, such as addressing online inquiries with human-like engagement or analyzing massive information.

AI systems are being developed to perform a more complex automation process in the coming years.

The fintech trends for 2021 are continuously gaining prominence and we remain to see how they transform the financial landscape. Leveraging fintech for small business helps you establish a more conducive customer experience.

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