As advancements in technology raise the bar for accounting firms in meeting client requirements, D&V Philippines shares how you can simplify your business processes. Discover Robotic Process Automation can help your organization reach its goals.


This primer talks about:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its features;
  • The benefits of investing in RPA and why your firm should switch to this new software;
  • Tips on how to prepare your firm for RPA; and
  • How RPA changed the landscape of the accounting industry

Download this primer today and learn how RPA can help you optimize your business systems for growth and development.


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Easdowns Business Specialists has been able to partner with D&V Philippines to add a Virtual CFO Package to our service offering. Also, we were able to expand our compliance team with the help of D&V. We have developed a really strong working relationship with Stefan and his team, and find our cultural values very similar which for us is the foundation for an outstanding business relationship. We have a wonderful team who are now an integral part of our offering to our clients.


Nicholas Molloy

Senior Partner and Lead Financial Adviser
Easdowns & Partners (Australia)